A versatile lawyer with an in-depth understanding of several practice areas, Melanie Bragg handles numerous high stakes cases that, without assistance from a zealous attorney, clients would have no hope of winning. A renowned civil litigation attorney, she also handles CPS, juvenile, and mental health cases. A strong advocate, she is known throughout the Houston area for her committed legal service, both in and out of the courtroom.

CPS Cases

Melanie Bragg defends those who have been wrongfully accused of neglecting or abusing their children. These clients risk losing their children for good, and thus require the absolute best defense available. Melanie Bragg has continuously risen to the occasion, and her efforts have prevented numerous families from being torn apart.


Juvenile justice calls for a unique set of legal skills that Melanie Bragg is proud to possess. Her compassionate counsel and effective legal strategizing helps alleged youth offenders avoid harsh consequences that could completely alter the course of their adult lives. She is intimately familiar with the juvenile justice system and understands the many intricacies that distinguish it from the standard criminal justice system. This sense of understanding ultimately paves the way to favorable resolutions for the many juvenile cases she handles.

Mental Health Cases

Adults struggling with mental illness often find little sympathy in the courtroom, but they can at least find solace in Melanie Bragg, who fights passionately on behalf of those diagnosed with a variety of mental illnesses. Her support has a profound impact on her clients and their loved ones, with many commending her for the unique combination of compassion and courtroom aggression that she consistently delivers.

General Civil Practice

In addition to the high conflict cases outlined above, Melanie Bragg also handles a wide array of general civil matters. These include everything from breach of contract to personal injury. Her aggressive pursuit of justice in high conflict cases carries over into general civil practice; she fights zealously for the best interests of all clients, regardless of their unique circumstances.

No matter the nature of your current legal concerns, you can count on Melanie Bragg to provide the strong advocacy needed to secure a satisfactory case resolution. Clients speak highly of her personalized service and results-driven representation. Reach out to Bragg Law PC today to learn how Melanie Bragg can successfully resolve your case and help you move on with you life.