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Our Practice

With a focus on problem solving, mediation training, and leadership, Melanie Bragg is a general practitioner who will listen to your problem and work with you to find a resolution. Bragg strongly believes in preventative legal practice and advises both individuals and small businesses to seek counsel before a situation giving rise to litigation presents itself. In your one-hour consult, Bragg will give you a fair and considerate opinion as to the nature and scope of your legal venture. Contact us to schedule your consult today.


Whether you are in the process of developing an estate plan for yourself or you are already involved in a probate case, you need an experienced attorney to provide you with guidance and insight. Attorney Melanie Bragg has many years of experience in this practice area, and she can help you accomplish your goals.

Small Business

Small business ownership is rewarding, but it delivers numerous challenges that the typical aspiring entrepreneur is just not prepared to face. Thus, it is important to consult with an attorney who is well-versed in the unique legal complications that accompany small-scale entrepreneurship. For the ultimate in small business legal support, look to Melanie Bragg of Bragg Law PC.

Family Law

When legal issues involving the changing dynamics of a family arise, there are a lot of difficult decisions that must be made. This is even more true when there are children involved. While adults have the legal power and status to make these decisions on their own behalf, children do not. In instances where agreement between the parties cannot be reached, or may not be in the best interest of a child, it is up to the court to intervene and make decisions on that child's behalf. Family law attorney Melanie Bragg serves the interests of minors who are faced with family legal matters in the family court system, in the hopes of helping bring familial and child custody disputes to peaceful resolutions.

General Practice

A versatile lawyer with an in-depth understanding of several practice areas, Melanie Bragg handles numerous high stakes cases that, without assistance from a zealous attorney, clients would have no hope of winning. A renowned civil litigation attorney, she also handles CPS, juvenile, and mental health cases. A strong advocate, she is known throughout the Houston area for her committed legal service, both in and out of the courtroom.


When you face legal disputes, whether those are with family members, acquaintances, or a business, the process can become time-consuming and expensive. Working the matter out by the most effective, expedient means is ideal for both the plaintiff and the defendant in any case. Often, the most effective form of legal conflict resolution is mediation. Mediation allows the parties to come together, behind closed doors, to work out an agreement without going through the court system, and having a judgment issued, which means both the matter and its outcome remain private. Attorney Melanie Bragg is a Houston-based mediation attorney who brings years of experience, both in and out of the mediation room, to her mediation practice, helping clients and opposing parties through to a resolution agreeable to both parties.