When legal issues involving the changing dynamics of a family arise, there are a lot of difficult decisions that must be made. This is even more true when there are children involved. While adults have the legal power and status to make these decisions on their own behalf, children do not. In instances where agreement between the parties cannot be reached, or may not be in the best interest of a child, it is up to the court to intervene and make decisions on that child’s behalf. Family law attorney Melanie Bragg serves the interests of minors who are faced with family legal matters in the family court system, in the hopes of helping bring familial and child custody disputes to peaceful resolutions.

Custody Disputes

No legal matter is more vital, or more difficult, for many children than custody disputes. When both parents are fit for full-time parenting, and want to retain custody, there are no easy answers as to with whom a child should live, who should be responsible for the important decisions regarding the child’s upbringing, and how the child’s time should be split between parents. Depending upon a child’s age, he or she may have an opinion on with whom they want to live. Ms. Bragg can serve as a child’s voice in a system that can often overlook their personal desires.


Like custody, adoption is an area in which the desires of a child are sometimes neglected. Children may not always understand the legal reason for an adoption, or there may be some conflict within the family about whether or not one individual should be allowed to legally adopt a child whose biological parent or parents remain in the picture. Ms. Bragg can work with a child and other parties involved to help them better understand the legal status provided to them by adoption.

Houston Family Law Attorney

Attorney Melanie Bragg focuses her legal work on legal matters involving families with children. She  has served in the juvenile and child protective services courts extensively, and works as an Amicus attorney appointed by the court to provide legal services in the best interests of a child. Her main areas of practice include problem cases, post-divorce modifications, and uncontested family legal issues, and it is always her goal to help families meet agreeable resolutions with an eye toward productive co-parenting. Based out of Houston, Ms. Bragg serves clients in Harris, Montgomery, Fort Bend, San Jacinto, Brazoria, Galveston, Burleson, and Travis Counties.