Small business ownership is rewarding, but it delivers numerous challenges that the typical aspiring entrepreneur is just not prepared to face. Thus, it is important to consult with an attorney who is well-versed in the unique legal complications that accompany small-scale entrepreneurship. For the ultimate in small business legal support, look to Melanie Bragg of Bragg Law PC.

Small Business Formation and Development

While assisting aspiring small business owners with the formation process, Melanie Bragg utilizes a personalized approach. She takes the time to get to know her clients, learning everything possible about their inspiration, their goals, and their concerns. She then uses this knowledge to help her clients make important decisions, including what type of entity to form (for example, an LLC versus an S corporation), what type of insurance is needed, how intellectual property should be protected, and how to manage taxation concerns. By carefully considering these and other matters right away, aspiring business owners can avoid future disputes.

Contracts, Partnership Agreements and Commercial Leases

A significant portion of Melanie Bragg’s work as a small business lawyer involves drafting and reviewing contracts. Partnership agreements must be developed with care, as these agreements can be used to resolve business disputes — and to prevent such disputes from arising in the first place. Other business contracts and agreements drafted by Melanie Bragg include noncompete agreements, nondisclosure agreements, and franchise agreements. Melanie Bragg also overviews commercial lease agreements to ensure that all terms are in her clients’ best interests.

Business Maintenance

Most legal issues that plague small businesses arise long after the formation process has ended. Although careful drafting of contracts and agreements can prevent a variety of problems, business owners must take care to consistently abide by the terms of these agreements — and to draft new contracts when necessary. In addition to assisting her clients with the legal details of business formation, Melanie Bragg provides much-needed maintenance services for established businesses that require legal guidance.

Melanie Bragg: Effective Legal Strategy For Small Business Owners

A talented attorney with a thorough understanding of the small business landscape in Houston, Melanie Bragg brings a fresh and valuable perspective to her work in business law. Her effective legal strategizing allows both new and established businesses to avoid a vast array of stressful and costly disputes. Feel free to reach out today to learn more about the numerous legal services offered at Bragg Law PC.