When you face legal disputes, whether those are with family members, acquaintances, or a business, the process can become time-consuming and expensive. Working the matter out by the most effective, expedient means is ideal for both the plaintiff and the defendant in any case. Often, the most effective form of legal conflict resolution is mediation. Mediation allows the parties to come together, behind closed doors, to work out an agreement without going through the court system, and having a judgment issued, which means both the matter and its outcome remain private.

Attorney Melanie Bragg is a Houston-based mediation attorney who brings years of experience, both in and out of the mediation room, to her mediation practice, helping clients and opposing parties through to a resolution agreeable to both parties.

Houston Mediation Attorney

Having served as a Briefing Attorney in the 14th Court of Appeals, as a University of Houston Law Center adjunct professor, on the American Bar Association Alternative Dispute Resolution Section Collaborative Law Committee, and as the first woman president of the Houston Young Lawyers Association, Melanie Bragg has ample experience in working conflicts out amongst groups of people. Her work as vice-chair with the ABA ADR Standing Committee on Ethics has given her a deeper understanding of the ethical and emotional responsibility of a good mediator to hear and deeply understand both sides of a legal issue.

The chair of the Book Publications Board of the ABA Solo, Small Firm & General Practice Division, Ms. Bragg’s first book HIPAA for the General Practitioner, focuses on the role of privacy and security in the medial field, knowledge she brings into her mediation work. Ms. Bragg is also President of Legal Insight, Inc., and has authored fourteen legal education programs for people working in the medical industry.

Since mediation is such an essential part of the legal process, and one that can save those facing legal disputes a lot of time, energy, and stress, Ms. Bragg has made a focus on mediation paramount in her practice. Ms. Bragg:

  • Completed training by and served as faculty for the A.A. White Dispute Resolution Institute
  • Has been an alternative dispute resolution provider with the U.S. District Court (Southern District of Texas) since 1993
  • Served as a panelist for the American Arbitration Association in Houston and LA

Even more important, due to her experience and success rates bringing parties into agreement, Ms. Bragg is regularly appointed by county and district court judges to help resolve mediation cases.