Crosstown Park makes it to bestseller in first month!

CROSSTOWN PARK made it to bestseller status in the first month.  I am so excited.  After 30 days I look back on the 8 amazing events I have done so far and think–and I thought I was not prepared! What us lawyers must do is get outside of our lawyer boxes occasionally.  You know-we spend so much time when we are in law school getting our brains rewired and then we become the analytical thinkers that we are supposed to be.

If you are like me you think like that in every aspect of your life and then when you decide to do something different–do you do it like a lawyer?  Do you coach your son’s softball team like a lawyer?  Do you plan your anniversary party like it is a judicial function?

Well, this past month has given me a lot to think about how lawyers think and do things.  I have to remember when I am doing a book signing that it is not a CLE.  It is not a class people are taking.  I can have fun and do things differently.  It is such a sense of freedom.

But for me the main thing is expressing this journey about my main character, Alex Stockton.  What she goes through is what every young lawyer, male or female, goes through at some point in their practice.  You get a case you cannot win.  You have all of the odds stacked against you.  What do you do in that event?  What situations like that have you come up against?  Please share with me and also sign up for my newsletter and information about the book signings.  Lots of fun events coming up! With honor and hope, Melanie